Lee Bullen must go

Started by dickmalone, January 07, 2022, 13:39:32

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Just thought i would get in early. Good luck to him


Well that didn't take long - at least give the poor guy 1 game  ;D


Lee Bullen must go......to rugby park with Ayr and hammer them


Quote from: JohnnyDoyle7 on January 07, 2022, 19:51:31 Lee Bullen must go......to rugby park with Ayr and hammer them
Lets hope so. Tongue in cheek comment from me. Really hope he is a success and is given the funds from the board. Cant afford another disaster.


You're right, we can't afford another disaster and relegation. Lachlan did as well as he could and steadied the club but David Smith and Graeme Mathie have a plan to get us up and who knows we may even win a cup like St Johnstone. Relegation would be a massive blow to this.


Interesting left field appointment and pleased not one of the failed somewhere else candidates but very much like Derek McInnes at K*ll*e inherits a not very good squad.As Killie fan said on P and B staring at the current squad in a scary manner isn't going to turn them into Brazil 82.

Bigger picture good knowledge of English lower leagues and also U23 level in England but needs to sign a couple right now who can make a difference.

No idea what his preferred tactical style is. Really hope tomorrow doesn't transpire as tactics being Sean Mcginty to hump ball as far and high as possible - I believe he took training today and still came back so ultimately good sign.

Imagining postives he will turn Salkeld into the new Jamie Adams - in my head we should have sent Salkeld to train with Adams on his farm - Mister Miagi/Rocky montage style and he returns as a fit and mobile Adams clone - also transforms Afolabi into the new Shankland.

Bigger picture got a good reputation as an under 23 manager which can only be good at attracting players looking to be developed.


Reading the comments on Twitter about him from Wednesday fans. It goes on forever. It's safe to say that Ayr will be the team whose results they'll look for first after their own. Seems to be a genuinely good guy who gave 100% to the club, the fans and the community and I can see why David Smith and Graeme Mathie have chosen him.

Unfortunately I can't see any replies about what style of football they played under him but we'll find out pretty soon.

Ian Boswell

Well, it may have been an own goal, but we have just beaten the top of the league team. Over the 90 minutes I thought we were as good as Arbroath. They had more pressure but couldn't score. So, we deserved our win.


I'm sure Lee Bullen had a bit of influence but at lot of credit must go to David White with this result and the Raith one.

He's given the players a shape and tactics they could believe in and get some confidence back.


Night and day from what we were like under previous managers. Hard working performance, got the reward. Room to improve. Also heartening to see the younger players getting on. About time, deservedly too. Derek Ferguson said the 500 sounded like 5,000! ;D


Great start - beat the team at the top of the league who hadn't lost in ages. Maybe it is possible to get a tune out of this squad.


QuoteLee Bullen must go......to rugby park with Ayr and hammer them

So dreams come true!!