Big Lachlan

Started by shuggie sproat, April 22, 2020, 17:57:30

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shuggie sproat

I have just read the article in this weeks Ayrshire Post regarding what might happen to Scottish football.The big man talks a lot of sense,in my view his contribution to the whole process will be an invaluable one.

Our chairman has been a steady hand at the tiller for many years now and has seen the club through some choppy waters.There is no doubt he has the best interests for the club and the rest of Scottish football at heart.I don't think there are many people of his calibre left in the game.Would there still be an Ayr United if not for Lachlan?.


I'm sure he won't suffer any fools, and will see through their agendas. Mon Lachlan.


Yes, would have to agree, love him or hate him certainly got a tight rein of the AUFC finances and ensuring the stability of the club.  He was getting a lot of stick earlier during the potential CIC / Trust takeover but whatever happened to the CIC group and the trust disappeared several years ago now.

Watching with interest how this SPFL shake-up turns out, can't help but think in terms of AUFC will make no difference but a small glimmer of hope we could be playing top division football next year.