Started by Ian Boswell, February 09, 2022, 22:15:01

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Ian Boswell

Kilmarnock 1 - Ayr United 2.  Ya beauty!!!!!!!!  A great result, well done to our team. Let joy be unconfined!



Another 2-1 win would be nice.

shuggie sproat

shuggie sproat

Worst first half in fifty years of going to Somerset.Actually painful,live on National telly.
Let everybody down,a humiliation.


The players have had a lot of praise recently but for the first 20 minutes tonight they completely bottled it

Jeff Vader

That was the worst 3-1 defeat you'll ever see.
Performances like that can knock the stuffing out of fans and players. I think we've just handed that mob the momentum to go on and win the title,and we could go on a slide down the table if issues aren't addressed.
Will Mathie stick around if we get relegated? I think things could get that bad.


Shocking first 20 mins. They were up for it, we weren't. That's got to be down to the management as much as the players. McInnes obviously had them fired up and looking for revenge for last time. Shame we are playing Arbroath next week, we're not completely out of the woods yet and can soon get sucked back in but taking any points of Arbroath will almost certainly hand Killie the title. Got to look after no. 1 and hope Arbroath can pip them.


Unforgiveable lack of consistency. Hope Bullen can get his own assistant soon. Get rid of these imposters if they are not pulling together. Embarrassing.


Fjortoft coming on, nearly scoring a belter then getting sent off, all within 10 minutes, kind of sums up our season.

Unless Bullen's pre match talk was to tell the team that K*llie were some kind of championship Man City, I think the occasion got to many of our players in the first 20 minutes as we looked terrified every time K*llie had the ball - was too late but at least made changes that stemmed the tide and stopped a cricket score - big call for squad dynamics/morale taking two off after 15 minutes.

Additionally too many players in the current squad are wildly inconsistent on a game to game basis.

On the assistant I beleive we are holding on to the summer to get an experienced pro looking for a coaching role.


Just scrape enough points to stay up hopefully, as high as possible to get more cash. It's a pity we don't seem to have a home advantage. Every time we get bigger crowds...

shuggie sproat

When we went down to ten men I genuinely thought this could end up seven or eight goals.Horrified was not the word!,McGinty was in some kind of trance,Lafferty
made a right fool of him,twice.A support turns out and we are all let down.How many times over the years has this happened?,I have lost count to be honest.Do the board and management and players not realise what this match means to the
support?.Listening to their support mock our lack of ambition and denigrate Somerset Park is like a dagger to the heart!.Enough is enough!.


Not sure McGinty at fault for the first and whilst he was beaten in the air by Lafferty for the second it was Houston who didn't jump with the guy he was marking - why our right back was marking someone on the left side of the six yard box god only knows. What McGinty guilty of throughout that period was marking someone other than Lafferty - on at least two occasions Reading was marking him at a corner. But McGinty more often than not a convenient scapegoat - surprised someone on P and B hasn't tried to blame Salkeld for Friday night.