Scotland v Gibraltar

Started by shinglis, March 27, 2015, 19:36:01

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So a football double header this weekend.. obviously 3 points against Brechin on Sat but what about the Scotland game on the Sunday any predictions.  I think it will be the usual huff & puff with a late goal and a 1-0 win.. but much like Ayr's game against Brechin the score line does not matter as much as long as its a win.

David Castilla

Probably best to be in the General Discussion this.  Completely agree though, 1/2-0 for me, when was the last time Scotland scored more than 3 in a match?  Think you'll be looking back to the Faroes at Celtic Park.

Incidentally 1-0 is 25/1.
The dream will never die.


I was at the Lichtenstein game when we fluked a win in the 97th minute so I have no confidence in us hammering Gibraltar.

I do hope WGS has the players going full throttle from the start though, this group could very well come down to goal difference.


EASY!!!  ;D

And it turns out goal difference is not so important for games versus cannon fodder like Gibraltar.


Happy to be so wrong.  :D

Not only a win but lots of goals and only just over-shadow the news of Gibraltar 1st goal of the campaign.

So what now ? aim for 2nd spot.. is 3rd good enough ? what about 1st can we really pip Poland & Germany to top of the group.