Drinking at Football.

Started by shinglis, October 25, 2018, 11:41:51

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So talks have finally started to consider allowing drinking in the ground again.  Not matter the outsome some people will still drink to excess and some will no longer guzzle several pints & nips prior to 3pm if allowed to continue drink within the ground.

Old firm will also be an issue but for the lower league games every penny counts and could beneficial with the day to day income to the club.



Its worth an experiment in the lower leagues. However I will happily drink Capri Sun at games if it means we get promoted  8)

Balloon Boy

a good stream of revenue and as long asi its in plastic cups , i dont see an issue..


Bring it back for every club/game except those involving either of the bigot brothers.

If they moan, tell them it is because the can't behave.

Then wait and it will be banned again after a riot between Ayr United and Airdrie fans.

In all seriousness, consider bringing it back but give the police the power to veto the licence for flashpoint games no matter the level, on a game by game basis.

D.Armour Appreciation Soc

This has been bubbling under for a couple of seasons," Match Day Experience " and all that.

As far as I can recall, the Police have 4 bandings of football Match.  From Ayr United v Airdrie down to Ayr United v Forfar As an example.
There should have been a handfull of games at the Ayr United v Forfar level, where Clubs, Police, Licensing Boards and Football Authorites held trails.

Would have been good if one was at Somerset Park, the Car Park at the side of Hospitality would have been ideal location.


About time anaw,we are all getting cained for a riot between the 2 ugly sisters 38 years ago.


Apparently only reason this is under consideration is because of Euro2020 - Glasgow only city with games where you can't get a drink at the game.