Jeremy Corbyn

Started by shuggie sproat, September 15, 2015, 18:14:32

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shuggie sproat

At last someone with the guts to tell the establishment how it is.The cruel rancid Tories are destroying ordinary people on their altar of idealogical hate.Austerity is punishing the people who can least afford it ,the poor ,sick and disabled.While the idle rich and large companies don't pay their fair share in tax, the burden is passed on to the
ordinary person.Let's not be kidded the only reason the vile Tories won the General Election was that the south of England voted Tory to keep Scotland from having any say at Westminster.They played the Anti Scottish card and it worked a treat.The Tory policies are an absolute disgrace and for us to put up with them is an even bigger disgrace.
They treat us with total contempt. Wake up people.


I dont think you realize how good our government is compared to most of the world and corrupt dictatorships, have you ever been to east europe, asia, africa, south america, simple things such as pot holes, emergency services, schools just dont work as they should.

You may prefer Labour over Tories which is fair but if you could list all the government parties in the world trust me Tories would be the second best option for you (Or maybe French governments as they are another great example), personally I prefer tories over Labour but thats just me, other parties in england dont have experience and personnel to ever be an effective government ;)
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