Old firm nonsense

Started by The real jolly, April 01, 2019, 18:53:58

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The real jolly

Not a lover of either team but after watching yesterday's nonsense what an embarrassment Scott brown is for a supposed grown up experienced player.Not content with assaulting an opposition player and feigning injury to try and get players sent off he goes out of his way to goad and intimidate opposing players and fans after the game,where's the dignity and class in winning ?At a powder keg atmosphere of a game where police constantly warn fans about their behaviour here we have the captain of a great club acting like an immature ned and nobody calls him out or cites him ?is he bulletproof?The sfa should surely act but after saying kirk Broadfoot can abuse someone at half time and rake his studs down the back of his leg from behind,then feign injury to try and get him sent off is perfectly acceptable behaviour you wouldn't hold your breath ,but woe betide any wee clubs who they love to hammer.


I thought Scott Brown was excellent in that game, I really enjoyed watching him, with ease, wind up that daft lot.  If they were closer in points it would be doubly good with the two (third coming) bans for players. 

Attacked three times for laughing at them, fantastic scenes. 

Morelos, Kent and Halliday are disgraceful and hopefully lengthy bans follow. 
Here we go Ian McCall


Poundland Jamie Adams.

Bring on strict liability and old firm games can be played on Wednesday mornings at 10am behind closed doors.

David Castilla

Agree with itzdrk. real jolly found out to be a closet Rangers fan by the looks of things as well as a Killie sympathiser.
The dream will never die.

The real jolly

It's a fair cop,I love killie