Ayr U V Cowdenbeath

Started by Doyle, September 26, 2015, 17:51:45

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Need to improve,to get 3 points out of this,Blue Brazil are a stuffy lot,i hope Adams is fit, he was missed against Peterhead................


Agree,missed adams,he is the bite we need in midfield.still,we are on the right road.


Adams sorely missed v Peterhead. Hope Cowdenbeath have lost all those gigantic strikers who steamrollered us in the playoffs. We will have to keep ball on deck more and get more belief!!! Shouldny be sitting so deep at home especially when game on kniveedge. No wonder support so quiet.Too busy biting wur nails.


 :PP we are Ayr, super Ayr.. Come on Ayr come on Ayr come on Ayr.. Uuuuh uh, uuuh uh,  uuh uh,  ..........

Maybe better support next week
, :P :P
Mon Ayr, Mon Super Ayr !!!!!!!


Pleasing we are still top of the league, the team have been heroic, as have management. Onwards and Upwards... :D


Here here, we will batter them 4-1, had a real off day and still should have beat a decent Peterhead team, we have travelled far under McCall!!

shuggie sproat

We are top of the league and Mr McCall and his backroom team have worked wonders.Huge credit must go to the players also, i genuinely feel that this team can get us out of this backwater of a division.Ayr should have went all out for a second goal yesterday but didn't.The killer instinct is crucial and if we go ahead against the Blue Brazil we need a second rather than sitting back like the last match.Onwards and upwards.


Big team, need Adams big time. They're obviously poor this season given where they are and losing to Brechin just cements that. 3 points is a must!
"Rabbie Burns was regularly seen in the Somerset Road end with a Bovril and a Boaby pie..."


Seen a few comments about the atmosphere being 'flat'. How about this, everyone that wants to make some noise get in the main stand. The noise would hold up a lot better in there and would also drown out a lot of the negative comments! 

Also the view is a lot better than from the terracing!


This would be a real challenge, to get our supporters to create an atmosphere. Gauntlet thrown down...

Ian Boswell

For me, the trouble with the stand is the posts spoiling your view of the game at times. That's why I prefer the terracing.

shuggie sproat

They rustle their sweetie papers up in the stand to show any disapproval,Somerset road end is best for atmosphere,
a real feeling of togetherness.Standing on the terracing feels like solidarity something our society used to have in abundance until the Witch crushed it.


The best way for the atmosphere to improve at Somerset is for the other teams to bring a half decent away support. Could be waiting a while right enough (well at least until Dec 12th)

The real jolly

Get the ragazzi back,flares n aw


Mon Ayr, Mon Super Ayr !!!!!!!


Let the regazzi boys back in.simples.


dixie ingram the leader

QuoteGet they Feynoord boys back

Yer that would do however, the team has got to do it  on the park to excite fans for the atmosphere to be created ,dont get me  wrong its great away Jings i recall Ross County fans praise the 85 ayr fans for the support we gave in a 1-1 draw  in the snow, they sayed were were the most vocal and most supportive fans tio visit their ground, also many other sides supporters tend to say our away crowd is very atmospheric, maybe the lofty on top of the league  position  has hushed us  at home.If the crowds come back and  they will and they are entertained with attacking football and winning team it will change. Speaking of Feynoord  Got new  large  Feynoord/ayr flag in production hope to have ready soon for home and away games
"Let The People Sing "
Stand Up To Modern Football
Bring back standing


I remember 50 Ayr fans outsinging several thousand Dundee fans at Dens on a day they were getting the league trophy and the half time compere berating their fans - must be the only time Ayr fans have claimed our right back as Scotland's number 1 - entertain or interest us and we will sing.

shuggie sproat

Wonder if Jamie Adams will be fit for Saturday,he was sorely missed last week in my opinion.The manager is looking
to unleash the Four Musketeers seemingly against the Blue Brazil, i hope he goes for it.