17s Win at Rugby Park

Started by Youth Reporter, September 27, 2015, 18:22:50

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Youth Reporter

Big Lyle Cameron strode forward and thumped a 30 yard screamer into the Top Corner to secure the 2-1 win against 10 man Killie at 17s level this afternoon at Rugby Park.

The real jolly

What was game like?how did our other teams do?

Youth Reporter

Killie won 2-1 at 15s Jolly but I only went over to the 17s game.

Ayr boys deserved the win at 17s on the day and that's from a Killie fan  ;)



Youth Reporter

That's more like it ! Killie , Killie , Killie  ;D

In all seriousness though if you look at the results at the business end of the Academy 15s beat 2-1 17s won 2-1 I think you can safely say that all the hard work put in by Davie White and his coaching teams over the last few years has closed the gap on the " Elite " Youth set ups to the point where Ayr are worthy of their place.

Many on here would admit that 4 or 5 years ago Killie were miles ahead in Youth Development , today there is nothing in it and your Youth Academy deserve some praise for that. ;)