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Started by JmSG, May 30, 2020, 10:26:54

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Greetings to all, I wanted to ask about this player who played for Ayr United between 1977 and 1984, in which position did he play ?, Central Midfield? left midfield? left back ?, thanks.


the player in question is Robert "Bobby" Connor, Born: Kilmarnock in 4 August 1960, played in ayr United from 1977 to 1984, 223 games and scored 28 goals, later played in Dundee and Aberdeen, being international on 4 occasions, my doubt it is to know if he was more a central player in the midfield who could play as a left midfielder or was more of a sideline player being left midfielder and left back. Thank you


Welcome @JmSG to the forum. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you on your query. I will ensure the club historian gets to see it.

Yes, you are correct played between seasons 77 - 84 and also a second spell in 96-97 but with only 18 appearances and 1 goal.

Also, he returned to the club as Manager -

QuoteRobert Conner (4/3/2005 - 14/2/2007)

Robert Connor was appointed Manager and Robert Reilly his Assistant Manager in March 2005.  Results didn't go to well for the 'two Rabs' as they became known amongst supporters.  Season 2005/06 started with promise, however, but despite some good performances, the club did not even make the newly created play off's.

The following season began more promisingly and by Christmas 2006 the club was sitting in the second spot.  But a serious of bad results brightened only but a few good cup performances left the club in serious relegation trouble a mere six weeks later.  In mid-February 2007 the two Rabs were sacked by the club.

From Ayr United Archive


@JmSG I have sent you a private message with full details.

Summary here:

QuoteRobert Connor
Full-back/Midfielder, 1977 - 1984 and 1996 - 1997
Robert Connor was called up from Ayr United Boys Club in the summer of 1977 and he made his first team debut in the season ahead. The date of his breakthrough was 15 March 1978, when Partick Thistle visited for a Premier Division fixture. A 3-1 defeat was suffered on that evening but he played sufficiently well to retain his place at left-back. The team on that occasion was : Sproat, Wells, Connor, Fleming, Hyslop, Hannah, Walker, McCall, Masterton, McCulloch and Cramond ; substitutes - McLaughlin and McDonald.
   "The world and his whippet have written off Ayr United as First Division fodder". These words were penned following his next League match, a 1-0 reverse at home to St.Mirren just days later. It was sadly true that the club was on course for the First Division, yet Robert Connor was considered to be one of the star players in that match.

              League                       Scottish Cup                   League Cup
                             Apps     Goals                Apps    Goals                  Apps     Goals
       1977-78              9           0                       0           0                        0            0
       1978-79             27          0                       1           0                        5            0
                  +3 sub. listings
       1979-80             36          9                       2           1                        4            0
                  +3 sub. listings 
       1980-81             38          8                       1           0                       10           4
                  +1 sub. listing   
       1981-82             28          0                       1           1                        3            1
                  +2 sub. listings                                                      +1 sub. listing
       1982-83             39          4                       1           0                        6            0
       1983-84             39          7                       1           0                        2            0
       1996-97             18          1                       1           0                        3            1
                              234         29                      8           2                       33           6
                 +9 sub. listings                                                       +1 sub. listing