Away to Inverness.

Started by shinglis, October 20, 2020, 18:22:37

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A small tear in the eye this weekend as train trips to Inverness are usually a great day out, but always drinking enough to forget the results as rarely win at Inverness. In fact 18 games and 1 win in 2003, so right at the moment without any new faces I would quite happily take a draw and come away with a point.

Not sure the situation regards live streaming seems to be available via SPFL site for £10:

real deal

Pity we let it slip so late good to see the big boy Cameron off the mark with first touch ,we certainly have options top end of pitch  now when everyone fit


the live stream was OK with the exception that the camera wanted to follow the bald head of the linesman instead of the football.


Manager Interview -

ICT Match Highlights


A new club record generated on Saturday -
Quickest debut goal scored, Twenty Seconds after entering the field as a sub.