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Started by shinglis, May 21, 2015, 05:14:02

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Ok it's summer time so not much to discuss regards travel and general arrangements, but what about supporter club memories and how many supporters clubs are actually active ?

As for memories I had some great times leaving the 110 bar but obviously more recently some comedy gold moments with the Aberdeen group. Looking back at some of the photos of cup games and buses to Hearts, Hampden, car loads to Somerset for Killie games. To give a brief example of how mad things could get there was an episode of inflatable aliens hanging out a car sun roof singing Ayr songs travelling down princess street after a Hibs game.. (don't even ask :-) )

Supporters Clubs
Active :
River Cottage, Aberdeen Branch and London south east branch, any other active ?

Not sure about Squirrel hunters ?


Remember hopping on bus outside Somerset around 430pm, after school to head to Dundee, ?Bill running the buses, also buses from John Street.

Loads of car runs over the years to all sorts of places, eg a Tuesday night in Motherwell after which captain Millen led the team in a Klinsmann dive, other games cancelled/abandoned due to failed floodlights/fog etc...high winds at Arbroath!

dixie ingram the leader

The cottage supporters club was formed by myself and tam watters and now supported by big Jamie Garret ( these guys are amazing they way they get buses in our dire league form over the years is super) after the demise of the drouthy bar ausc and i think is now the oldest supporters club in town ( might be wrong  :D. Over the years i have been watching the club numerous supporters clubs have come and gone as have some the great supporters who ran buses and clubs two names spring to mention here the late Billy Morton and the late Alec Cooke.

Billy Morton ran buses during the 70s from John Street and out of the the old Hussar bar in Burns st square the stories from those buses could be writting into a novel i kd you not.

Alec Cooke was one of the founding members along with Bill McWilliams and a host of others of the old Ayr united travel club who broke away from the longstanding Ayr United Supporters association think run by the late Helen Nelson( they broke away in dispute with the board of directors of aufc).Over the years the autc and cookie ran out of various pubs eg Burns Tavern ,110 bar, Horseshoe, POW, Plough Inn to name but a few.

My late dad ran an supporters bus manly  for guys who actually worked in the Glaizer metal factory in Kille from the now long closed Harliqiun bar in Wellinton Square around the corner from the hotel.

One of the best ( thats my own opinion) was long time ayr fan Charlie Johnstones  ledgendary Transit crew supporters club which during the 80s and 90s ran out of the Campbellton/Newton arms, Charlie would empty one of his works transit vans  on the morning of the away game from his plumbing firm fit it out  with benches carpets ice buckets for bevy( jings mega mega carry outs ) and i kid you not optics for, our spirts again the stories from the transit crew travels would make for some reading.

The offical Ayr United supporters association was ran by the late Helen Nelson and Keith McHarg( the guy who sits in the box at the railway end and does the hospital radio match commentries, They ususally held their poty dances in posh gaffs and hotels a suitied and booted do  :D
As OLD long standing fan of our club i have housands of happy memories of supporters club would love to hear more and share them with anyone willing to listen
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