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Started by Prestwick Popeye, November 25, 2015, 10:28:49

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Prestwick Popeye

It was great to hear a few new songs on Saturday (and some old ones too). I thought it might be good to put this on here as a repository for any new ones that come along, so as many folk as possible can join, creating a great atmosphere to encourage the boys. I've suggested another possible one - feel free to add any of your own efforts.

"We've got super Nicky Devlin,
We've got Paddy Boyle too.
We've Trouten on the wing, you'll hear the boys all sing,
United*, we're coming after you."

*loved this song, but the last line didn't really make sense on Saturday – should it not be something like "Dunfermline, we're coming after you"?

"Ohhh, Paddy Boyle, he used to play for Airdrie but he's alright now"

And one of my own efforts. I want an EBT if it takes off!

"Ian McCall is magic, he doesn't need a hat,
They said the Pars would win the league, but McCall he thought fcuk that.
'cos we've got Nicky Devlin, and we've got Craigy Moore,
We'll still be top come April, of that you can be sure"

Balloon Boy

Was there on saturday but never heard the new ones, what is the tune for the first one?

I like the last one......very good, a fine effort

Prestwick Popeye

I'm not sure what the tune is to the first one, although as I'm sure as someone says it I'll get it! Hopefully we'll get a good crowd on Saturday and cause to sing it!


Heard it at Stenny and Brechin...loud and proud. Everybody sing!

Balloon Boy

aye whits the tune though.....?

David Castilla

We've got super Nicky Devlin
We've got Paddy Boyle too
With Trouten on the wing
You'll hear United sing
United are coming after you

Not sure if the tune has an original song, but Man Utd fans use it for "Stretford End Arising" song and Man City fans sing their "Argentinian blues" song to it if that helps.
The dream will never die.

Balloon Boy

Nah that disnae own personal favoutite being from the old days:

"Oh we come from the coast & we're better than most.........ah ha ha
  Oh we come from the coast & we're better than most.........ah ha ha......
La La La La La nauseum"

To the tune of "Hot Love" by Trex....I'm sure some on here will remember?


Balloon Boy

And some that i would never assosciate with us, think it needs an update


Another one I heard on the bus to Brechin and after Alan Trouten scored on Saturday was:

Alan Trouten's Magic
He wears a magic hat
He could of stayed at Brechin
But he said no fuck that
He's pals with Big Gerry
He'll Flay you with a miss
And when we get promoted
We'll gie McCall a kiss

Another one which is probably with apt at the moment is:

This badge is my badge
This badge is your badge
Its got a Scotland Flag
Oh what a fine badge
They tried to take it
But we Replaced it/but We wont Replace it (Heard both)
On the shirts of Ayr United FC
We've got super Nicky Devlin

Prestwick Popeye

To the tune of "I fought the law" and with a nod to Crystal Palace fans....

We stand in the rain,
We stand in the sun.
We are Ayrshire's number one.
We hate Stranraer and the Ki##ie scum,
We are Ayrshire's number one!
We are Ayrshire's number one!

Balloon Boy

very good but i'd substitute airdrie for stranraer.............just saying

Prestwick Popeye

Fair enough, especially after last Saturday!

Prestwick Popeye

Would love it if we could get The Proclaimers playing 'I'm on my way' played over the pa before the game, so we could all change the words to "i'd have Al Jolsen sing, we're sitting on top of the LEAGUE "!

The real jolly

Nae new songs today just the same old ayr ayr super ayr from 30odd years ago and a few verses of come on ayr,poor stuff


Quote from: The real jolly on November 28, 2015, 23:34:01
Nae new songs today just the same old ayr ayr super ayr from 30odd years ago and a few verses of come on ayr,poor stuff

You should of started something new then  ???

Prestwick Popeye

To be fair, its not easy getting a new song going. Usually need to try them out in the boozer or on a supporter's bus and see if they catch on. Using this forum to spread the word should help hopefully. Let's be honest, at least we have something to sing about this season!


Thanks to Ian McCall and his backroom staff, we have a team/squad indeed worth supporting. It must be good for the players to hear their names being clearly sung. (In a good way).

Prestwick Popeye

Liked the one at the cup game.....(to the tune of Always look on the bright side of life)....

Dunfermline live in the sh*te side of Fife

Simple, but effective.


Has to be fun to be had with the Forth Road bridge situation as well. Trying to think of bridge related songs.