Ayr vrs Arbroath

Started by shuggie sproat, July 30, 2022, 09:17:32

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shuggie sproat

And away we go.The godfather of Scottish football,Mr Dick Campbell returns to
Somerset Park.


To be fair, pre-game I would have happily settled for a point given the league cup game results for both Ayr & Arbroath. Think it's clear we need an attacking midfielder and a striker who can goals by any means.

Stolen from facebook, is this a fair reflection of the game:

Arbroath played with all the possession favoring them from the onset but nothing t show for. Going into the second half, things changed. I would give it 49%-51% Arbroath!
Ayr United tried many times to find the back of the net. At least we should have scored even two. But I would give it 14 to 8 favoring Ayr.
Fouls seem to be one area that Arbroath dominated. You'd think they were practicing Rugby instead of football. They committed 18 serious fouls against Ayr's 12.
As if reading my preseason fun preview, Arbroath got a Red Card. They also got a whooping 5 yellow cards!
Ayr United without a doubt forged a good attack system. Bryden deserves more starts! 60 attacks against Arbroath's 37.
Positives from the match;
✅ Despite not scoring, the team looks like is jelling up and ready for competitive football.
✅ Defense was solid
✅Faith in the youngster who seem to have started enjoying himself after signing a professional contract.
✅Pushing till the end of the match.
Going forward;
⚽ We need goals. Hopefully the Gaffer Lee Bullen will look into this aspect.
🤔 4-4-2 formation will be better if we have a two sharp strikers.
This result considering how we've been playing prior to this match, I would say "Cintu cabwino maniiiingi!" (It's a very good thing.)
Full Time scores
Ayr United 0 - 0 Arbroath

shuggie sproat

All they chances and no net bulging.There lies the problem.Could not hit a cows arse with a banjo springs to mind.Quality striker needed ASAP.


Think we all know what the key issue is  ???


Positives are a clean sheet and not getting dominated but no goals and another home game without a win. Bench has limited options - when they went down to 10 men would have been an idea to bring on some pace - McKenzie wasn't a bad shout as he has got pace but pointless bringing him on with a couple of minutes left.

Arbroath look equally powder puff up front and I think they will struggle to replicate last season but look really really well organised as evidenced by us failing to take advantage when they went down to 10 men.

One game gone and we are already in our customary eighth place.