Hamilton Game / Family Fun Day.

Started by shinglis, August 08, 2022, 19:16:28

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QuoteFamily Fun Day

On Saturday, prior to the match, we will be hosting a Family Fun Day from 1.30pm.

We'll have live music, face painting, sporting challenges and more...

Will all take place in the Railway End of the Stadium and we have special family tickets available:

Parent & Child (12 and Under) - £22 (RRP £26 - a saving of £4)
Parent & Juvenile (13 - 17-year-old) - £25 (RRP £33 - a saving of £8)
Family - 2 Parents & 2 Children (12 and Under) - £44 (RRP £52 - a saving of £8)
Family - 2 Parents & 2 Juveniles (13 - 17-year-olds) - £50 (RRP £66 - a saving of £16)
Family - 1 Parent, 1 Juvenile & 1 Child - £27 (RRP £39 - a saving of £12)
The tickets above give you access to the Railway End for both the Family Fun Day and the match v Hamilton.

Adult Season Ticket holders also have the option to attend the Family Fun Day and we have special prices available for you to bring someone with you:

Juvenile (13 - 17-year-olds) - £5
Child (12 and Under) - £2
These tickets can only be purchased from either the Club Shop or the ticket pod (matchday). Please bring your Season Ticket with you as proof.

All supporters who attend the Family Fun Day can watch the match from the Railway End. Unfortunately, supporters cannot travel to another area of the Stadium for the match.

Any supporters who do not attend the Family Fun Day can watch the match from their usual area of the Stadium.


Fair and not a surprising comment from the club. Totally understand the emotions of last Friday's game, but pitch invasion is well known as not acceptable behavior.

QuoteIn anticipation of Saturday's match, the Club would like to put on record the tremendous backing given to the team from the fans – your support really does make a huge difference to the players.

We completely understand the relief and jubilation surrounding the winning goal last week and hope this season provides many more fantastic moments, but please be reminded that any form of pitch incursion is against ground regulations and can result in sanctions being imposed on the club and/or on the individual concerned.

All clubs in Scotland are required by the SPFL to do their utmost to stop any actions that can be regarded as 'Unacceptable Conduct' and our primary focus on match day is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in the game.  Please enjoy your experiences following Ayr United, stay safe, stay off the pitch and let's Stay United behind the team all season!


shuggie sproat

Somerset in the sunshine,wonderful.Pitch looks amazing,if you cannot play football
on that surface there is no hope for any team.Magnificent strike for our equaliser,what a goal!.