TV Game - Dundee

Started by shinglis, August 26, 2022, 10:22:11

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Hopefully a decent crowd tonight and not all sitting at home watching.

Usually feel a little optimistic about this one, but accept a draw.

Ian Boswell

Ayr United 3 - Dundee 1. This was no snatched victory. After the disappointing loss of a goal in four minutes, by ten minutes Ayr were picking up. In seventeen minutes we got a good equaliser from a corner. At half time, we had been perhaps the better team. The second half was  very different. We absolutely outplayed them! In particular the lead -up play and final shot for the third goal were absolutely magnificent. This game was the best performance from an Ayr United team in a very long time. One thing is for sure - Lee Bullen is absolutely established as a quality maanger. Alao, Dipo Akinyemi looks like a real find. Bring it on!

real deal

What a night ,big Dipo is a unit and a great find , Houstons goal was terrific great team effort all round ,really decent crowd


Watched this on live stream as can't get to the games and as Ian says, best all round performance from Ayr for a long time. The spine of this team is looking really good, a couple more signings if poss before the window shuts would be good for when the injuries and suspensions kick in, but all in all, great time to be an Ayr fan.

shuggie sproat

Ayr,Ayr Super Ayr!.Sums it up for me.


Ok, you can re-watch the game on Iplayer till Friday.

BBC Iplayer - Ayr United v Dundee