that soccer match

Started by StainrodsFedora, May 27, 2023, 15:37:40

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that soccer match was absolute dog shite fucksake an embarrassment worse than the time i got lost in glasgow and ended up needing airlifted to hospital after falling down a drain gads why the fuck did bullen persist with mcalear when he is clearly not a fitba player and only good for emptying bins daft bastard and don't get me started on dipo akinyemi he was daft to react to aaron shithead and why was paddy reading playing he is a traffic cone and is shit big changes needed for next season i would sign scott airfield and reaghan tumilty and get an experienced assistant in like frank lampard or sandy stewart in to give bullen some tactical advice because his tactics are dire and he does not know how to adapt and overcome in key football matches like the promotion play offs and the falkirk game the tactics were poor and the tactics were derived from dinosaurs and not the tasty turkey dinosaurs bernard matthews used to make before jamie oliver got them banned