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Started by OC fae Hong Kong, May 14, 2016, 05:39:22

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OC fae Hong Kong

Just a thought guys, my other club is AFC Wimbledon. As part of the commentary package, they have an online stadium, where those not at the match can gather and comment on the proceedings. The cost per year starts at £10 but you can upgrade to get a special character on the terrace.The stadium has moderators, so you can't post any abuse or swearing. For tonight's match we'll have over a 100 people in The Mike Richardson Stand, which is solely for Wimbledon supporters. The other stand, called The West Bank is open to anyone. It should also be busy tonight on The West Bank. The whole site is called iploughlane and its at Could it work for us? It's another income stream for the academy or club.


Nice idea, but not sure there's the volume of interest to sustain it. I may be wrong.


Anyone know or aware of the technical details to provide this type of service.

Suppose it would only work in partnership with AUmedia.

OC fae Hong Kong

iploughlane and WDON( our commentary service) are both run by volunteers. WDON use comments on iploughlane to enhance(??) the commentary. It's handy to fill in spaces when nothing is happening on the pitch! I can make enquirers of the team and see what's involved.


QuoteNice idea, but not sure there's the volume of interest to sustain it. I may be wrong.

At the moment I'm in agreement, not sufficient interested for a charge-able service, but what about a free chat area that could be used during match times, to enable anyone either at the game or listening via AUMedia to discuss / post comment about the game or scores in other in matches as they come in.

I have researched the options and there are various easy ways to set this up, but not sure there is any interest in such a option before spending the time on it.

Do people already use something similar via facebook or whatsapp groups for example ?