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Started by ayrG, February 25, 2017, 16:53:28

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red dug

I don't understand how people dismiss where we were because we heading to the bottom tier and probable oblivion to be honest


QuoteI don't understand how people dismiss where we were because we heading to the bottom tier and probable oblivion to be honest

I don't understand why some people gloss over the 14 games or so McCall had that season to avoid that scenario including a full transfer window and we only avoided being in the relegation play off on the last day of the season. Ultimately we survived and he did exactly what he said we would but I just can't shake the feeling of being a bit underwhelmed - I support Ayr United so not really hard to impress me.

No question McCall is better than Roberts and we are in a better place but at some point we need to stop measuring McCall against the ineptitude of Roberts. That said Roberts got us to a promotion play off in a season when we had no chance of the title ffs :- but is quite correctly is regarded as a disaster as a manager.

Folks make allusion to being a yo yo club - we are not - Lavvy are - they go down and then walk league 1 and come back up - we have had 3 seasons in division 1/the championship in the last 14 years so bit of a broken yo yo.

If McCall can break that cycle then maybe I will stop being underwhelmed but I struggle to see what next if we go down - lots of folks on here already saying they won't be back if we go down.


Next 3 games will determine his future . Has to win at least 2 of them . 1 league win against a team with no goalie in 17 games is utterly ridiculous at any level and for a manager whom so many regard as the messiah . Nearly time to say thanks for your efforts if we don't get results needed the next few games .

mark me3

we will not go down, have a little faith.


Quote from: ayrG on March 08, 2017, 20:55:37 . But if we go down he's not done anything to take the club forward and should be let go, just like Brian Reid was when he did the exact same.

I think he has a contract that extends to next season so we can't let him go without compensation. I don't think we should let him go. I think he can still do a good job for us


Surely got to resign tonight. 5-0 down with 30 minutes to play. Absolute shambles


Quote from: ayrG on April 01, 2017, 16:19:59
Surely got to resign tonight. 5-0 down with 30 minutes to play. Absolute shambles

I can assure that it was a lot worse than a shambles.

Outplayed,outfought,spineless,passionless,paceless are just some of the words for that 1st half, we weren't even up for it enough to win the 3rd ball.

We won't need to worry about the remaining fixtures, nobody stays up with the lack application that shower of shite puts in in the 1st half of nearly every game.


He should do the decent thing and resign.
Give us plenty of time to get someone else in and prepare for life in League 1 next season


Managerial genius Alex McLeish is available he'd definitely turn things round.


Usual excuses in post match interview, playing midweek and injuries.
Must be only us that has to deal with those things then.


Sick fed up of his constant moaning now, every weeks the same drivel, injuries, players not training, the pitch, the weather. Hes like a broken record, change him now. We might as well go down with someone with a bit of enthusiasm and a bit of personality. Shut the doors, regroup, new management, staff and start again because this dross has been going on for far to long now. Its really getting tiring for us loyal naysayers.


Now is not the time change,knee jerking never gets you anywhere.we have  5 games to go and i still think mccall will at worst get us into the is times like this when all real and loyal supporters stand up and get behind there club.HONESTMAN TILL AM CAULD.


Quote from: titus on April 02, 2017, 13:45:21
Now is not the time change,knee jerking never gets you anywhere.we have  5 games to go and i still think mccall will at worst get us into the is times like this when all real and loyal supporters stand up and get behind there club.HONESTMAN TILL AM CAULD.

Really wish people would stop coming out with shite like that, it just sounds like some misguided shite that clubs pump out when they've fucked it up, there were over 600 up the road yesterday and they got to watch a team put in an abject performance at 80% rather than the 100% the Saints players put in in the 1st half, 3rd game I've left early in 48 years and even then I was there about an hour longer than that team deserved yesterday, it was plain to see that that game was well and truly over as soon as the 2nd goal went in.

Ian Boswell

Being a 100% committed Ayr fan does not deny someone the right to criticise. It is also generally the case in life, not just in football, that loyalty needs to be earned.


Many of McCall's decisions this season came back to haunt him yesterday. In the summer he brought in Nisbet, McConnell & Thomas until January. They didn't score a goal at Somerset Park between them ,it would be difficult to sign three defenders and not get a goal between them at home in 6 months- it's almost impossible to manage to sign three strikers who can "achieve" that. During that time he was moaning about Moore being injured, in our biggest game of the season yesterday he didn't use him.
He complains about the budget. I assume Harkins is our highest paid player, in our biggest game of the season he didn't use him.
Every other team in the bottom six has used the loan system well, especially in January. We didn't have a single loan player on the pitch at any point yesterday. In fact we started with 7 of the players who only just won promotion last season.
The situation regarding getting a sub on for Balatoni was ridiculous and we lost the third goal when down to 10 men. Devlin was screaming at the bench after the goal.
There is a time when most managers go past the point of no return as far as losing the players and fans- for McCall that time was Saturday afternoon in Paisley.


There are five games left and we probably need to win three of them a few points to consider:

1. Who can turn this squad round in a matter of days, so far the only name suggested is John Henry and would he take the job if offered it?
2. As someone has already mentioned Ian McCall has a contract for next season how much to buy him out of that?
3. Are Raith and Dumbarton going to win more games that us in the next six weeks arguably their run ins are harder than ours?
4. If we finish 9th can we win the play off?

Ian McCall may have made errors this season but sacking him now may guarantee relegation and more seasons in the wilderness. A win on Saturday and things could turn around a defeat and I'm sure the board will be having a serious conversation with Ian.


What "board" would that be?
The pressure is on, but we have to wait until the mathematics are done and finished.

Ayr Apparent

It's going to be a tense few weeks and the teams that can hold their nerve and perform to their potential will be the ones that survive. Can Ian McCall lift his squad and get them believing after what was a dismal display yesterday ? I hope so. I felt that St Mirren, not unlike the previous match, were more up for it, more committed, had more self-belief and have better quality players. Our Manager talked about our players being 'leggy' and, from where I was sitting, it looked like our players were lethargic and were unable to match their opponents. I think Ian McCall has a point and there's not a lot he can do about that on the day.

Every Manager that we have had has tried their best and I'm not really interested in personalising things. From Ally to Gordon Dalziel to the two Rabs and to Brian Reid and Mark Roberts, none of them wanted to fail, they all wanted Ayr United to be successful. Nevertheless, I've heard some horrific personal abuse aimed at our bosses over the years and I don't think it's warranted. We are back at crisis point and we need to hope that Ian McCall can get enough points in the run-in to keep our position in the Championship. The best thing the fans can do is get behind the team and let the Manager do his job without sniping.

The Manager's recruitment has been criticised and the players brought in have not worked out but it's a fine line between unearthing a new sensation and finding that you've signed someone who contributes very little. Harkins is a good example of a real coup turning out to be a real coo ( just a joke ) but I think we all thought it was a great bit of business at the time. Craig Moore's injury was unfortunate and something the Manager couldn't have anticipated but then there is Greg Fleming, a great retrospect.  Mark Roberts brought in Nicky Devlin and introduced Alan Forrest to the first team, it still didn't work out for him with many others.

Our style of play under Brian Reid, Mark Roberts and Ian McCall has been terribly disappointing and for some time now we have looked like a desperate team playing in hope rather than expectation. I'm looking for my team to compete with a blood and thunder attitude in the remaining games but for that to happen the Manager has to work hard on the confidence of the players with little time to do it.

Let's get things into perspective; Ian McCall is going nowhere soon and although I agree with GOJS in being underwhelmed by the 'progress' made by Ian McCall to this point, any judgement on him needs to be postponed while he tries to turn this into a story of survival against the odds. Failure to avoid relegation will lead, I fear, to a new level of depression engulfing the club and it may signal an extended period of further non-achievement, even in relative terms. 


QuoteNever been one of mccall's cheerleaders - thought we should have been safe much earlier in his 1st season - he had fifteen games, we stumbled over the line last season and rather than a clear out he kept faith with too much of last years team.

However season one he kept us up, got us up last season and has pledged to keep us up this season  - we are still in the play off spot and could still get eighth. Not doubting that st midden were up for yesterday but it really was do or die for them. I just can't see us finding form and confidence to get the point we require.

All said he is an experienced manager not a rookie we are at the end of February and still don't know our best team, we play uninspiring and predictable football. Going to two up front whilst welcome is a big change mid season not least with two new players up front. McCall has been indifferent in the transfer market, heavily reliant on players he has managed before and loan players.

Don't buy the who else is there stuff, will be someone who could come in  - the problem for me is that the window is closed so tricky to move folks on or get people in.

Being pragmatic a relegation battle was always likely so whilst I'm disappointed that we haven't become championship shock troops I can't get as upset as some are - if we go down it is time for a parting of the ways - mccall will have taken us as far as he can.

Posted this after last St Midden game - nothing changed.

Here's a question - what  sh*te does McCall write in his wee book.

As for John Henry he was complicit in starting the season with no decent strikers and our less than impressive limp over the line last season.


Don't really care who takes over, give it to Murphy and Balatoni. Just sick of his constant excuses week after week. He bores me as a fan so goodness knows what he does to the players.
To be fair, his signing policy and signing history has been nothing short of abysmal.
Lazy recruitment, just bring in some SPL 19, 20 yr old players instead of going out and finding your own talent. The amount of talent that club has let walk out the door while we bring in average players is ridiculous. Place needs gutted.