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Started by shinglis, May 17, 2017, 05:01:56

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Existing Contract Retained:
1] Greg Fleming 2] Gary Harkins 3] Paddy Boyle 4] Brian Gilmour 5] Jordan Hart 6] Craig McGuffie
7] Alan Forrest (ReSign) 8] Michael Rose  (ReSign) 9] Ross Docherty (ReSign) 10] Declan McDaid (ReSign)
11] Jamie Adams

1] Chris Higgins 2]Michael Moffat 3] Andy Geggan 4] Craig Moore

In AUFA Players:
Full Time - 1] Lyle Avci 2] David Waite 3] Stuart Faulds 4] Leon Murphy 5] Kieran Balfour 6] Luke McCowan
Part Time - 1] James Hilton 2] Jamie Ballantyne 3] Grant Thorburn

Out :
1] Nicky Devlin :'(  2]Peter Murphy 3] Farid El Alagui 4] Conrad Balatoni 5]Michael Wardrope
6] Daryll Meggat 7] Gary Harkins


Am i right in thinking if Alan Forrest and Robbie Crawford want to leave, then we'd be due compensation for them?

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worried we're trying to keep too many of last season's failures 7 also that one of our better ones Paul Cairney has so far only been offerd to come back to pre-season training, McCall obviously doesn't see the same players that I'm looking at ......

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Alan Stevenson


Quote from: Alan Stevenson on May 18, 2017, 14:38:06
Chris Higgins signs
Excellent capture, always played well against us, and very easy on the eye................

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Forrest resigned up for a year and Wardrope leaves

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Pity about Wardrope always thought he had something about him


Chris higgins joins from queen of the south on a one year deal.new captain me thinks.


Could have predicted Wardrope would be let go - given he has had next to no game time how do we know he isn't good enough.

On Cairney - was good enough to be a regular starter in the championship and we have now dropped down a level so should still be good enough. What are we hoping to learn from only inviting him to pre-season training - we have all the data to know if he is or is not good enough - or is there something else (operation etc ) driving the decision.


Thought that strange as well, everyone else being offered contracts or released but Cairney ' invited in for pre season training'


I would hope cairney stays.thought he came onto good form last season before he got injured.he did not look out of place in the championship.


I agree about Cairney having to do a pre season a fit Cairney will walk league 1, watch for Stranraer gazumping Ayr and him coming back to haunt us.
Like Cairney, Harkins should have been weighed before the break up and told he would be fined if he doesent look after himself.

As for some of the rest the only thing full time will bring is more rest periods between games and an improvement in our mid week performances hopefully.

Can't believe full time is offered to Gilmour he'll bring nothing to the team, he's already been effectively full time through working in the academy like Devlin and Harkins, which makes Harkins condition situation the more shocking

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My only concern is that we will be playing at being full time ! Will the under 20 s be under more control of McCall and playing in a better league ?Also a big move for the academy to have a route to full time football which is a no brained for the future of thclub but we MUST  overhaul the academy coaches under one progressive organisation because they are presently a jobs for the boys set up

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I just love positivity people are never happy no matter what

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Haha coming from someone who gave up a few weeks ago

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Quote from: The real jolly on May 18, 2017, 23:35:26
Haha coming from someone who gave up a few weeks ago
I only gave up because the players did that included the now ex captain who seemed to be bombproof who was dreadful and the last game too